Tired after a long walk


My father came over for a visit today. He should be staying for a few days. I walked to the shops near the train station where he joined me to do some shopping. I bought some food, but I didn’t buy any sweets. I’m kind of proud of myself that I was able to resist the temptation.

I ran out of sweets


I don’t have the energy to go to shopping at the moment, so I guess I won’t be eating any sweets today.

I’m a bit clumsy


I dropped a doughnut on the floor. I ate it anyway.

Just chilling


I haven’t been doing anything that special in the last couple of days. I’ve watched The Simpsons quite a bit, that’s about it.

Slowly learning new CSS tricks


Today I spent a few hours trying to pretty up this page a bit. I figured out a few things and gained a better understanding of how to align things with flexbox.

Waiting for guests


My mother and brother should be coming to visit me tomorrow. I live about a two-and-a-half-hour drive away from them. It’s nice to see them after a while and the added bonus of their visit is that they can drive me to large stores that are far away from me. I can’t drive a car so I always walk everywhere. The small shops near me don’t have the greatest selection of products and it’s not always so great to walk back home with a lot of purchases, especially during the warm summer days. Obviously I can’t buy anything that large or heavy when I have to walk home. So it’s nice to be able to go to different places and buy whatever I want for a change. I better stock up on essentials and buy lots of food tomorrow.

I finally found it!


After about twenty years of searching I think I have finally found the name of a song whose music video I once saw on MTV in the early 2000s.

I liked the song, but I for years I couldn’t remember its name or who performed it. The things I remembered about the music video were as follows: in it there were two women. One had blonde hair and the other one had dark hair. The duo/band had a short name and it may have had a number in it, with seven being a good contender.

I watched the entirety of the TV show Sex and the City not that long ago. At the end of an episode the song In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 is played. In my head it sounded very similar to the song I was looking for.

Today I was listening to random music on Apple Music when In the Waiting Line started to play. This time I thought that maybe the band I was looking for could be Zero 7 and I decided to look up their other music. I went to Wikipedia and looked at the article of Sophie Barker, the woman who sings on In the Waiting Line. It said she also contributed to the band’s biggest hit, Destiny. So I went to YouTube and searched for the video. And there it was. I had found the video and the song.

I think the reason it took me all these years to find the song is that Zero 7 is a duo consisting of two men. I probably had at some point looked at their Wikipedia article while searching for the song’s name, but I must have thought that the duo I was looking for was made up of women, just like it would seem based on the music video alone.

It’s so warm in here


It’s another hot and sunny day over here. I can’t do anything physical without getting all sweaty. I wouldn’t mind if the temperature was a little bit cooler.

Some difficulties


I want to make a small site dedicated to The Simpsons, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem: I want to decorate the pages with images and to do that I need to take screen captures of the DVDs I have. However, my MacBook Air won’t let me do that when using the DVD player program. The images always turn out blank whenever I try to take a screen capture. I’ve read this is a common issue people have encountered and it’s most likely because of copy protection. I need to find some other program or computer to get the images I want.

I honestly did try


Sooo, I just spent hours trying to come up with some kind of nice layout for this page only to end up deleting every last bit of the CSS code I wrote because I just couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted it to. I do like the simplicity of this very basic HTML-only look, but I still want something that looks a bit more creative and personal at the same time. However, I don’t really have any great ideas on how I could achieve that. My brain feels so empty.

The image up there of Ami Mizuno from the Sailor Moon manga is supposed be my profile picture of sorts because she looks something like I probably would look like in manga form. The hair is pretty much the same and I wear glasses; that’s about it for the similarities as far as looks go. I’m not that familiar with the Sailor Moon franchise to tell you the truth: most of the things I know about it I’ve read on the Internet on various fan sites.

Now I have two blogs going on at the same time. The one over at WordPress has rarely been updated and I really don’t have the knowledge on how to customise it to make it look and feel like I want it to. I have the free plan and from the look of things the customisation options seem to be limited and I really don’t have the energy to be messing around with menus and options right now. So I’ll just be writing here for the time being. It feels a lot simpler in a way, even if it takes a bit more time and effort to make an individual post by having to manually type every bit of code onto the page.

Moving on to other things, I may have to buy new Arcopedico shoes to replace the ones I currently have. They’re the best and most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned, but unfortunately after just a few years of active use during the non-winter months they’re starting to wear out a bit on the inside. They’re not that cheap either, so I’m rather disappointed that after only a couple of years they’re getting damaged like that. I usually have pretty rotten luck when buying new shoes: they feel just fine in the shop, but most of them end up chafing my feet really badly to the point of getting blisters during extended usage and I can’t use them without first putting some kind of bandages on the heel area and on top of the toes.

There is supposed to be an image of Ami Mizuno from the Sailor Moon manga right here

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